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You may be looking for A Rebellion Reborn (audio anthology).

A Rebellion Reborn was the first season of stories produced by B7 Media part of the "audio reboot"[1] of the series.

A Rebellion Reborn consisted of 36 five minute audio stories originally available to listen on the UK's SCIFI channel's website in 2007, with three episodes released weekly[2], these episodes were also released as a podcats. [3]


'In the 23rd Century the galactic Federation was no longer a beacon of democracy and peace. Freedom and justice are thngs of the past. One man chose to oppose this.'

SCI FI is proud to present a new Blake's 7 for a new generation! We will release new chapters every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so keep checkng back for the latest excitng action! LISTEN NOW![4]

Later in 2007 these 5 minute episodes were collected into three hour-long episodes; Rebel, Traitor and Liberator these were broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and also released on CD.[5]

This season consisted of three releases, with completely separate casting from Blake's 7 television stories. The core concept of Blake's 7 and the same characters across the stories. Aside from single appearance character the only repeat appearance, new character who was not originally in Blake's 7 is Lora Mezin.


The dates shown are when the story was first released to listen as a collected hour-long episode on BBC Radio 4.

Title Writer Broadcast Date
Rebel Ben Aaronovitch 22 December 2007
Traitor Marc Platt 29 December 2007
Liberator James Swallow 5 January 2008

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