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You may be looking for A Rebellion Reborn.

A Rebellion Reborn was a full cast audio anthology released in 23 August 2013 by Big Finish Productions. It collected all stories from A Rebellion Reborn and The Early Years.

Publisher's summary[]

Blake's 7 - The Audio Adventures: Rebel, Traitor and Liberator follow Blake's incarceration; the forging of his legendary crew; and their capture of a mysterious alien spacecraft. On the run from the Federation, the crew of the Liberator fight back against a totalitarian regime personified by the manipulative Servalan and her loyal commander, Travis.

Covering the escapades of Avon, Jenna, Cally, Vila, Gan and Zen before they joined Blake's rebellion and a pivotal moment in Commander Travis's life, the Early Years series reintroduced the original cast and added many other impressive names to the world of Blake's 7 on audio.


Title Author Director Featuring Released
Rebel Ben Aaronovitch Andrew Mark Sewell 23 August 2013
Traitor Marc Platt
Liberator James Swallow
When Vila Met Gan Ben Aaronovitch Vila, Gan
Point of No Return James Swallow Duncan McAlpine Travis
Eye of the Machine Ben Aaronovitch Andrew Mark Sewell Avon
Blood & Earth Dominic Devine Cally
Flag & Flame Marc Platt
The Dust Run Simon Guerrier Alistair Lock Jenna
The Trial
Escape Velocity James Swallow Andrew Mark Sewell Zen


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