Blakes 7 Wiki
First Alien

One of the aliens in the Liberator's hold. (A: Time Squad)

The aliens or programmed guardians were a group of genetically engineered beings held in suspended animation in a projectile recovered by the Liberator. They had been created to guard the brood units and genetic banks aboard the projectile and to eliminate any possible threat, which seemed to cover any lifeforms, hostile or not. Unaware of its nature, the Liberator crew brought the projectile on board, finding that one of the aliens had been killed by a capsule malfunction but discovering two live aliens. They set the controls to revive them.

By the time the aliens revived, the Liberator was in orbit around Saurian Major and only Jenna and Gan were on board. One of them attacked Jenna immediately on reviving, but she managed to lock them in the hold. They connected their projectile to the ship's power supply and also attacked Gan when he came to investigate, overpowering him. Jenna returned and, when one of the aliens attacked her, killed him.

Second Alien

The second alien considers using a Liberator hand gun. (A: Time Squad)

The other alien was loose on the ship and Jenna tracked him to the teleport chamber. They fought and the alien gained the upper hand, but before he could kill her, Gan arrived. Although his limiter prevented him from killing the alien, the distraction allowed Jenna to retrieve her gun and the alien was killed.

Third Alien

The final alien is killed. (A: Time Squad)

It was at this point that Zen informed Gan that there had been four guardians on board the capsule. Jenna had gone to deactivate the power cable and the final alien sneaked up on her, preparing to kill her. At that point, Blake, who had just returned to the ship, entered and pushed the alien into the exposed panel, electrocuting him. (A: Time Squad)