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Amersat is the name apocryphally given to the home planet of Sinofar and Giroc, which remained unnamed in primary sources. (A: Duel)

Geology and Climate[]

The planet was Earth-like in every respect, with areas of woodland as well as barren rock and wasteland. Some animal life existed, such as blood-sucking batlike creatures. There was a high level of storm activity in the atmosphere, possibly an after-effect of the weapons used there. (A: Duel)


The planet evolved a humanoid civilisation of great technological sophistication, but they never outgrew war, which plagued the planet for centuries. Eventually a final weapon was used, obliterating one side but leaving the other barren and doomed.

The people eventually vanished, leaving only a vast monument to all who had lived and died there. Also remaining were Giroc and Sinofar, two women endowed with vast apparently psychic powers, their mission being to try and avert future bloodshed on and around the planet and teach others the pointlessness of violence.

Quite by chance Travis engaged the Liberator above the planet, but the aliens intervened before the battle reached its climax. Roj Blake, Jenna, Travis, and a Mutoid were transported to an area of forest where they were to resolve their differences by a duel to the death. Blake and Jenna won, passing up the opportunity to kill Travis and leaving the planet. (A: Duel)