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Andromedans was the name widely used for the alien species, native to another galaxy, which provoked the Intergalactic War.

Andromedan body

Andromedan body seen shortly after death

Part of Andromedan body

Part of Andromedan body shortly after death


The Andromedans were approximately two metres in length or height and less than a metre in circumference, with no permanent limbs. They were able to assume the appearance of specific human individuals, although maintaining such a shape required effort. They reverted to their original form upon death.


The Federation was aware of the threat of possible extragalactic invasion and had constructed an antimatter minefield beyond the rim of the galaxy near Star One.

By unknown means a small group of Andromedans was able to penetrate the minefield and infiltrate Star One, replacing the human staff of the installation. With the aid of Travis they planned to shut down the minefield and invade the Federation with a fleet of 600 ships.

Blake was able to stop the complete shutdown of the mines and the Federation was warned of the invading fleet, resulting in the Intergalactic War.

The Andromedan invasion fleet was wiped out in the ensuing conflict.

Behind the Scenes[]

It's popularly believed that Terry Nation originally planned for the shock ending of Series B to be the Federation being invaded by his most famous creations, the Daleks. However Chris Boucher recalls this only as a tentative suggestion that he and the producer 'stamped on very firmly', with the Andromedans replacing the Daleks.