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Bayban, also known as Bayban the Butcher and Bayban the Berserker, was top of the Federation's wanted list after Blake, a criminal with a reputation for mayhem second to none who had worked his way up the list without taking political shortcuts. He spoke fondly of his mother, who he described as a truly evil person, and Vila recalled he started his criminal career at a young age. By the time of his encounter with the Liberator crew, he was captain of a large crew of pirates. His right hand man was Sherm, while he considered Kerril the best gun he'd ever had but decried her lack of team spirit.

Bayban and his crew arrived on Keezarn where they quickly took control of the native population, holding them hostage in stockades and having six of them executed to discover the location of a vault and six more to confirm they couldn't open it. Their leader, Norl, told him the vault contained "this world and the next", which Bayban took to mean everything of value on the planet was in there. Using the Keezarns as a front and a single piece of crystal as a sample, Bayban tricked the Liberator crew into lending him Vila in return for crystals needed for their weapons system. In fact, he left behind a bomb to kill whoever came to collect (although Cally detonated it from a distance). He then gave Vila an hour to open the vault, threatening to slit his throat if he failed.

When Vila disappeared along with Kerril, Bayban ordered a thorough search and also had his ship's laser cannon set up in a last ditch attempt to blast open the vault, despite it being an open ground weapon likely to set off a chain reaction. His plans were disrupted by both the other members of the Liberator crew storming the city and the Keezarns attacking the guards on their stockade. Avon and Cally arrived in the vault room and, in the ensuing battle, managed to kill Sherm and capture Bayban. Tarrant (who had met Bayban before, although Bayban didn't recall him) and Dayna also arrived as Norl revealed that Vila had already opened the vault and was inside.

Bayban got away from Dayna but found all his men dead. He returned to confront Vila, Norl and Kerril, still convinced the vault contained treasure rather than a teleport terminal. Vila held him off while the others entered the vault, which sealed again. Furious, and ignoring Vila's explanation that the vault hatch was a force field, Bayban went to use the laser cannon. As Vila teleported away, Bayban fired the cannon and the resulting chain reaction destroyed the city and him. (C: City at the Edge of the World)