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Bayban's Bounty was the first story in the audio anthology Avalon: Volume Two, produced by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

A sacred stone might inspire revolution on a recently subjugated planet – if Avalon can only retrieve it from a high-security prison. She enlists the help of the Vankberg Vault's only escapee, the madman at the top of the Federation's Most Wanted list...


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  • Avalon - Olivia Poulet
  • Bayban - Colin Baker
  • Madison - Cliff Chapman
  • Noral - Graham Seed
  • Winter - Charlotte Strevens
  • Bonanne / Mutoid - Caroline Lawrie
  • Control / Pilot - John Rayment


  • Writer - Niel Bushnell
  • Director - John Ainsworth
  • Sound design - Simon Power
  • Music - Simon Power
  • Recorded at - The Soundhouse and remotely

Story notes[]

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