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Bek was a resident of Space City. He was protective of his younger siblings, Hanna and Peety, and frustrated that both had become addicted to shadow. He carried out a robbery for Terra Nostra official Largo in order to earn the shadow they needed but, when Largo tried to make them beg for it, held him at gunpoint and took both the gems and the shadow. He had bribed a work crew to get them off the station but found Peety had died of his addiction. He and Hanna were then captured by Largo's Enforcer, with Largo planning to make an example of them.

Imprisoned with Avon and Gan, the pair managed to distract the Enforcer so they could overpower him. They joined Blake and Jenna, and Bek tried to force the quartet at gunpoint to take them off the station. They instead teleported back to the Liberator, leaving Bek and Hanna behind, but Blake returned moments later with teleport bracelets for the pair, taking them back to the Liberator with him.

Bek accompanied the crew as they travelled to Zonda, which Zen had deduced was the source of shadow. Bek dismissed the others' concerns about the lack of defences, feeling Terra Nostra wouldn't want to draw attention to it. When Orac came under the influence of the entity known as the Darkness, Hanna was electrocuted trying to deactivate it. Bek was bitter than Hanna was the only casualty of the encounter, with the crew even finding a way to protect Orac.

Avon reminded him Hanna was dying anyway and he and Blake told him what they had learned about the Terra Nostra: They were run by the President of the Federation, whose personal guards protected the shadow plantation. Blake told Bek he was returning him to Space City to fight Terra Nostra there, promising to return in three years. He then allowed Bek to fire the Liberator's weapons and destroy the shadow plantation. (B: Shadow)

However, the Galactic War and the separation of Blake from the Liberator meant Bek was left forgotten. Bitterly disillusioned by Blake's broken promise and desperate to survive in Space City, Bek joined the Terra Nostra. Over time, he became more ruthless and gradually rose through the organisation's ranks, eventually becoming the leading underworld boss in Space City using the alias "The Enforcer". Under his leadership, his organisation recovered the IMIPAK weapon and began using it on his enemies. (The Offer (audio))