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Welcome citizen to the Blake's 7 Wiki. Whether you're an Alpha, Rebel or Supreme Commander, looking to overthrow the Terran Federation, find Star One or just discover exactly what happened on Gauda Prime this is your source for everything Blake's 7 related.

We have three categories that define this wiki

  • Category:Control is the central category for everything in-universe, everything derived from fiction, from within the Blake's 7 universe goes within this category or its sub-categories.
  • Category:Real world is for everything concerning the real world, the stories, writers, directors, producers, designers and everything else that helped create and define Blake's 7.
  • Category:Star One is for everything concerning the actual running of the wiki, the templates that hold pages together, the policies that define the wiki, the maintenance category that tells us what is flooding and what isn't.

We're still growing the wiki and almost every page needs work. We are currently working on 1,122. You can check out the new pages, recent changes, and statistics.

You can check out the list of Wanted pages if you're looking to create a new page.

Finally there is a Things to Do page for those who'd like to see what we're working on and what needs doing.

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