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Bounty was the eleventh episode of Series A of Blake's 7 first broadcast in 1978.


From the VHS release:

President Sarkoff is a prisoner of the Federation and while Blake and Cally try to return him to his |own planet, the Liberator runs into deadly trouble...


Blake and Cally are on a Federation planet, investigating the residence of the exiled former president Sarkoff. They see Sarkoff and his young assistant Tyce arrive at the residence and sneak inside. The morose Sarkoff believes they are assassins but Blake reveals they actually intend to return him to his home planet, Lindor. Sarkoff opposed the planet entering the Federation but resigned after a vote of no confidence. Blake reveals the vote was rigged by the Federation: Lindor is on the verge of civil war, which the Federation intend to use as an excuse to annexe the world and install Sarkoff as a puppet ruler. Only Sarkoff has a chance of uniting his people again.

Meanwhile, the Liberator picks up a distress call from a nearby spaceship. Gan offers to teleport over alone to see if it's a trap. He later calls back to say the call is genuine. Zen informs Vila that Gan's voice was faked but he is too late to stop Avon and Jenna teleporting someone aboard.

Unable to contact the Liberator and with the Federation troopers on full alert, Blake decides they need to leave the residence. Tyce is keen but Sarkoff refuses until Blake threatens to destroy his antique collection. They make their escape in a vintage road vehicle and are teleported aboard just as the troopers are about to catch them.

The teleport chamber is empty and, when Blake checks the flight deck, it too is deserted. Returning to the teleport chamber, he runs into Jenna, who tells him everyone else is dead. He is then gassed unconscious by a robed figure. He recovers to find himself imprisoned with Avon, Vila, Cally and Gan. They explain the Liberator has been taken over by Amagon bounty hunters and Jenna has changed sides. The group are fitted with collars that the Amagon can explode by remote control.

Sarkoff and Tyce, also fitted with collars, are being held on the flight deck. The Amagon leader, Tarvin, an old acquaintance of Jenna, releases her from her collar but is still unsure whether he will turn her over to the Federation with the others. Jenna suggests he could earn more profit by keeping the Liberator and the riches onboard. Tarvin refuses to change course but instructs a guard to check out her story. Once out of view, Jenna knocks the man unconscious.

Vila manages to release Blake from his collar and Avon opens the door. Blake hurls his collar at their guard as he triggers it and the explosion kills the man. Leaving Vila to free the others, Blake heads off and saves Jenna from another guard, teaming up with her.

Tyce tries to draw a concealed weapon but Tarvin sees it and overpowers her. Sarkoff picks up the gun and aims it at Tarvin but Tarvin threatens to trigger Tyce's collar if he doesn't surrender. Tyce, in reality Sarkoff's daughter, urges him to fire. Blake and Jenna appear and the distraction allows Sarkoff to kill Tarvin.

Some time later, Blake, Jenna and Cally teleport Sarkoff and Tyce down to Lindor, with Tyce telling Blake he will always be welcome there.



Story notes[]

  • This is the second of two episodes in which Zen refers to Gan by his full name of Olag Gan, the other being "Time Squad".
  • The script that Terry Nation turned in was severely under-length. Chris Boucher had to fill the script out considerably to make sure it could take up a full episode. One of his editions was the character of Tyce. The scene where Blake breaks Sarkoff's records was also added to pad the episode out.
  • Gareth Thomas actually performed the stunt where Blake scales a wall. On one attempt, part of the wall collapsed and he was left swinging in mid-air.
  • The Waterloo Tower in Quex Park, Birchington, Kent was used for Sarkoff's residence. The doors were painted white and gold for the episode, and they remained that colour for many years afterwards, although they have now been painted over.
  • Jan Chappell's stunt double Roberta Gibbs injured her ankle while filming the stunt where Cally leaps from a wall to attack a guard. She completed the stunt before going to hospital.
  • On one attempt of throwing a hook over the wall, Gareth Thomas barely missed stunt co-ordinator Frank Maher. He calmly replied that he would have to do attempt it again. Both men had gone out drinking the night before and were slightly hungover.



Filming locations[]

Waterloo Tower, Quex Park, Birchington, Kent. Blake Park, Fulmer, Berks.

Production errors[]

When Vila removes Blake's wrist restraints after he is captured by the Amagons, the explosive collar around Blake's neck is clearly open.


  • The Liberator crew learned of the Federation's plans for Lindor from the cypher information they recorded in "Seek-Locate-Destroy".
  • When Avon agrees with Vila's opinion on the distress call, Vila murmurs "Makes it all seem worthwhile." This becomes a recurring theme between the two characters, with variations on the line being used by one or the other in "Gambit" and "City at the Edge of the World".


Blake: Don't take any stupid risks. We're taking enough of those down here.

Vila: I'm entitled to my opinion.
Avon: It's your assumption that the rest of us are entitled to it as well that is irritating.

Vila: I told you I couldn't do it.
Avon: I believed you all along.

Tarvin: You talk too much.
Sarkoff: Yes, it's an occupational hazard.

Home video releases[]

Series 1 DVD

DVD cover

  • Original BBC video release (Volume 6) in 1991.
  • Fabulous Films video reissue (Volume 6) on 22 June 1998.
  • DVD release as part of the Series 1 box set on 1 March 2004.

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