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BBC1 ident

BBC1 ident used during Blake's 7's run

The British Broadcasting Corporation (usually shortened to BBC) is the world's oldest broadcasting company, which began radio services in 1922 and moved into television production and broadcasts during the 1930s. Uniquely, it receives no revenue from advertising, instead being mostly funded by the TV licence fee.

The BBC was responsible for producing Blake's 7 and, from 1978 to 1981, broadcast the show on its flagship channel BBC1 (with occasional repeats following during and after this period). The corporation retains ownership of the programme, with Terry Nation identified as its creator. The corporation's commercial arm, BBC Worldwide (formerly BBC Enterprises), is responsible for managing the ownership, including arranging overseas sales and broadcasts on satellite channels. In-house companies were responsible for the show's original VHS and DVD releases, with later releases licensed to other companies, notably Fabulous. They are also responsible for the licensing of tie-in fiction.