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Bucol-2 was a planet abandoned after mineral deposits were exhausted. (D: Animals)

Federation interests[]

Six years before the Intergalactic War, a Federation scientific warfare team was sent to Bucol-2 to conduct experiments on genetically engineering radiation-proof, shock troops. The work progressed well, but too slowly to be of use in the War, and so the research team left, only to be shot down by an enemy gunship as they were taking off. One team member, Justin, had elected to stay behind.(D: Animals)



Following the war Dayna visited the planet, as did Servalan.

Astronomical data[]

Servalan's captain referred to "Bucol-2's planet", suggesting that Bucol-2 was not the second planet of the Bucol system, but in the second star system of the Bucol constellation or something similar.(D: Animals)