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Cally was a member of The Liberator's crew.


Early history[]

Cally Saurian Major

Cally on Saurian Major (A: Time Squad)

Cally was born and raised on the planet Auron alongside her identical twin sister, Zelda. As an Auronar, she had latent telepathic abilities.

Some confusion surrounds why Cally left Auron. On her first appearance she said that she had been sent from Auron to help the people of Saurian Major. (A: Time Squad) In another, however, Tarrant asked her what she did to upset her people, and she admitted to being an exile from Auron. (C: Dawn of the Gods) She was also described as a "rebel". (C: Children of Auron)

Suicide mission[]

When Cally first met Blake, she was carrying a flimsy-looking rifle, preparing for a suicide mission against the Federation communications relay station on Saurian Major. On first sighting, she mistook Blake for a Federation spy and took him by surprise, threatening him with her rifle and communicating telepathically; however, he outwitted her when he exploited her one-way telepathy not allowing her to read his mind, tricking her into dropping her guard and taking her gun from her. Her resourcefulness impressed Blake, who learned from her the fate of her fellow rebels and her intentions. Realising their intentions aligned and she could be a valuable addition to the team, he persuaded her to join forces with them, on the basis that they would be able to do more damage together and may even survive. Cally, despite her reservations, accepted the proposal, and the attack was successful. (A: Time Squad)

Travelling with Blake's crew[]

While aboard the Space Command, Cally seemed quite prepared to kill Travis, but was restrained from doing so by Blake. (A: Seek-Locate-Destroy)

She encountered Travis on Saurion Minor after hearing a message from Scetona Clorensis one of her old resistance contacts. She kept seeing visions. She and Travis became trapped in the complex. (AUDIO: Promises)

Cally and Villa pretended to be an arguing married couple on a mission on Cortol Four. They were after a potential contact on the planet, but there was a a problem when the systems went down causing a block on the teleport signal back to the liberator. She was shot by a federation trooper causing a large injury. She was later captured by Arta and tortured. (AUDIO: Spy)

Vila and Cally were left on watch waiting for the Liberator to repair. She noticed a set of civilian ships being chased by some federation pursuit ships. Cally requested Villa's help after receiving a coded signal from the surface of Destiny. They encountered Pasco from the Ortega and his wife Lorana. After learning what had happened on the planet, she went with Pasco to find his daughter. She was arrested by the federation. (AUDIO: Escape from Destiny)

When taking Gustav Nyrron back to Auron, they encountered Servalan onboard an abandoned Auron ship. She learnt that Nyrron who had made a deal with her for safe passage of the Liberator crew. When a meteor storm hit the ship, Servalan and Cally escaped the ship to the planet below where they encountered a savage creature. Rescued by Blake and Avon, she learnt that the ship wasn't the really the ship but was an Auron training complex. This was part of Nyrron's plan to revolt against Servalan. Months later Cally captured Servalan after hearing Nyrron's death scream telepathically. (AUDIO: Wolf)

Cally started hearing voices from her fellow Aurons which unnerved her. After much contemplation she convince Blake to let her and Jenna find her mentor. Orac had located him on a federation world where he was found dying. Before he died he gave her a message about a ship. She was caught by the federation guards and sent to Servalan. She was asked to help find an Aurenar ship. Servalan was kidnapped by Cally. They both went into the forbidden sector and found that the ship was a cargo ship. She discovered it contained a clone bank generator which contained the same genetic stock as Cally. (AUDIO: The Sea of Iron)

Cally and Avon travel to Mogul to find information to help locate Star One. She made a blunder which caused the locals to attack them. The were rescued by another set of rebels who had a ship from The System. She didn't like the way that they were Blake fanatics and their motives. (AUDIO: The Magnificent Four)

After the War[]

She picked up Kerr Avon signal after he went missing. She listened to him making his way through an ancient building with a lot of logic puzzles. She became concerned at Avon's behaviour as he repeat himself. She realised that the computer at the centre was deleting failure from Avon's memories to make him a perfect member of the logician's society. (AUDIO: Corners of the Mind)

After Del Grant contacted Avon, Cally and Vila went to talk to one of his contacts in the resistance. They discovered that the planet was fighting for independence. She became worried about the aledged federation superweapon after seeing how primitive the independence weapons had. She learnt that the Shoronites were telekinetic and that's how they had defeated the federation. She realised that Servalan wanted to know how the Shoronites were able to use their power, ordering experiments on the natives. Cally and Vila got caught up in the detonation of the weapon. She sent out a warning to get the destruction of the planet avenged. Avon managed to find her and took her back to the liberator. She treated Vila and the Shoronites. She discovered that the reasons for the telekinetic powers, was due to a mutation of the local fauna due to the crops the Federation imported to feed their troops. (AUDIO: The Armageddon Storm)

Avon and Cally pretended to be a romantic couple on a pleasure station to chase up a piece of information that Tarrant and Grant had recovered. She was attacked by an unnamed assailant before Grant. Solvin Tavac wanted to give her the list he found in the federation files about rebellion agents. They all got caught up when the ship was attacked and fell out of orbit. She and Solvin climbed down a lift shaft to get the the central controls. She rescued Avon from falling down a hole, and then escaped when Avon freed the escaped pods. (AUDIO: Planetfall)


Liberator crew Terminal

Cally witnesses the Liberator's destruction with her crewmates (C: Terminal)

Her first words ("Who are you") were telepathically transmitted to Blake, but she used her talent rather infrequently. Her last recorded spoken words were "She's beginning to go", referring to Liberator's breaking up above Terminal. Her final audible word was "Blake", telepathically screamed as the underground complex on Terminal blew up.

In Dawn of the Gods, She helped get the crew out by telling Thaarn to switch off the energy isolaters.

In The Harvest of Kairos She was subjected to mental take-over no less than five times, by the Lost in The Web, by the Darkness in Shadow, by the Thaarn in Dawn of the Gods, by an undead alien in Sarcophagus and by the Ultra in Ultraworld. She also detected the malign nature of the alien pathogens carried by Wanderer K47 in Killer. She suggested that the Lost were able to take control of her because she was unprepared for them.

In Time Squad she stated that her work was in communications, and she managed to modify the teleport operating frequency fairly quickly in Moloch. Her general technical ability was not inconsiderable. She also appeared to have some medical skill, diagnosing the radiation sickness affecting Avon, Jenna, Vila and Gan in Orac and recognising the symptoms of fatigue shock in Horizon. In Voice from the Past Avon, Blake and Jenna were seen following exercises she had recommended, Cally herself sitting in a lotus position. Avon was not overly convinced of their worth.

She was on various occasions referred to as an alien and a human. The loneliness of a single telepath was referred to in Time Squad, when she cursed Blake with "May you die alone and silent", and in Mission to Destiny when she telepathically cried "Alone!" when roused from the effects of the sono vapour. Much was also made of this by the Thaarn - who claimed to share this loneliness, and offered to make her "queen of a thousand worlds" - and the undead alien in Sarcophagus, who believed that Cally could have no true loyalties to any non-telepath (Avon proved her wrong).

Cally's loyalty to Blake was apparently unflinching, although she did question his fanaticism in Star One and Blake accused her of colluding with Avon in Voice from the Past. In Sarcophagus she was quick to let go of Vila's hand having rescued him, but openly expressed delight at seeing him return in City at the Edge of the World. Her initial relationship with Jenna was rather prickly. Relations between Cally and Avon were ambiguous (and the subject of considerable fan discussion): they worked well as a team in City at the Edge of the World, but she lost no opportunity in putting him down in Children of Auron (admittedly, this was just after he had criticised Auron's isolationist policy). In Sarcophagus Avon relied on Cally's loyalty to the rest of the crew and himself in particular to defeat the undead alien.

In Moloch She stayed with Liberator after the Intergalactic War, despite the lack of overtly dissident action taken by the crew in this period. She seemed to be left out of early discussions on Tarrant's plan to raid the kairopan transporter and disapproved of Avon's intention to execute Shrinker. In Sarcophagus she was seen sketching, suggesting a possible artistic bent, but no meaningful indication of any talent or ongoing interest was given. Last seen in Terminal,when the Liberator was destroyed. Avon reported her dead in Rescue, although her body was never seen.


Known relatives: Zelda, a twin sister, who died in the destruction of the replication plant on Auron. According to Dayna, there were "plenty more like her on Auron, apparently", and the brood units seen in Children of Auron could incubate fifteen or more fetuses. Zelda acknowledged that she and Cally were from the same sibling group. In The Harvest of Kairos Cally telepathically detected images of her mother and father in Sopron: Avon told her that her parents were dead. If these were her natural parents she could not have been a clone (unless conventionally fertilised embryos were also cloned), and if she had a dozen or more clone-sisters they were never detailed.

Significant brawls: In unarmed combat she had a mixed record, losing to Blake in Time Squad, being knocked unconscious by the substitute Avalon in Project Avalon, by Gan in Breakdown, overpowered by Ensor Jr in Deliverance, and Mori's troopers in Volcano. She was overpowered by Sherm whilst grappling with Bayban. She had to be rescued by Tarrant from a link on Terminal. She also needed to be restrained by Blake in The Web. On the other hand, she incapacitated a trooper in Seek-Locate-Destroy and another in Bounty, Molok in Hostage, another trooper in Children of Auron, and one of Sula's rebels in Rumours of Death.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • It was originally intended that she would wear black contact lenses when she goes into an alien trance to make her look more alien, as well as having red skin and hair. These ideas were finally abandoned to reduce costs and save time.
  • Suzan Farmer, Sabina Franklyn, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Gennie Nevinson and Frances Tomeity were considered for the role.
  • She was originally described as being like 'an Israeli terrorist girl'.
  • She was killed off because Jan Chappell was neither able nor willing to return for Series D. For the first half of the season, her lines were assigned to either Dayna or Soolin.
  • She was considered to be the first character to be killed off, but it was decided to keep her on to prevent Jenna from being the only female character.