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Crossfire Part 1 was a full cast audio anthology released in 17 October 2017 by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

1 Paradise Lost by Steve Lyons

Erewhon was a legendary vacation planet - until it was ravaged by acid storms. A new friend brings the Liberator crew here, their objective: to assassinate an old enemy. But what they find beneath Erewhon’s surface will plunge the galaxy into turmoil.

2 True Believers by Simon Clark

A mysterious voice forces Cally to a barren world where barbarians threaten a beleaguered city. There, Cally joins a dangerous quest to the Singing Grave, encountering evil of immense ferocity and power.

3 Resurgence by Mark Wright

A distress signal lures the Liberator to an uncharted world, where the ship’s systems come under attack from an outside influence. Avon and the crew face a spectre of the past that could destroy their hopes for the future.

4 Fearless by David Bryher

A criminal scheme threatens the balance of power in the Federation, and Vila's skills offer the best hope of containing the chaos. Bolstered by Cally's telepathy, he leaps into action - but when Servalan arrives on the scene, the situation quickly spirals out of control...


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
4.1 Paradise Lost Steve Lyons John Ainsworth Avon, Vila, Cally, Tarrant, Dayna, Zen, Orac, The Former President 17 October 2017 BFPB7FC015
4.2 True Believers Simon Clark Cally, Dayna
4.3 Resurgence Mark Wright Nigel Fairs Avon, Vila, Cally, Tarrant, Dayna, Zen, Orac, Altas
4.4 Fearless David Bryher John Ainsworth Vila, Cally, Dayna, Servalan


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