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Docholli was a Terran Federation cyber surgeon who went on the run after inadvertently discovering who knew the location of Star One.

According to Jenna Stannis, Docholli had led a privileged life on Earth. He performed brain wipes on the crew of Star One, but realised that Servalan wouldn’t believe he hadn’t scanned their brains to discover the location. He faked the procedure on fellow surgeon Lurgen, who went in hiding on the planet Goth.

While on a spaceship traveling to Freedom City, the engine exploded and Docholli rescued several passengers. Travis eventually had to rescue Docholli, and became his bodyguard, helping protect Docholli against disgruntled clients such as Zee.

Disguising himself as “Kline”, he stayed on the rink and drunk heavily while staying at Freedom City. He befriended barmaid Chenie, who got him passage onboard a Trantinian planet hopper. Before he left, he told his story to Roj Blake. (B: Gambit)