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Doctor Who is a BBC television series. Related to Blake's 7 due to the many cast, crew and locations the two programmes shared during their productions. Series creator Terry Nation also most notably created the Daleks for Doctor Who. In fact almost every director who worked on Blake's 7 had also worked on Doctor Who. A notable exception is Vere Lorrimer, who never directed Doctor Who (although he did make an uncredited cameo as a tour guide in the 1988 story Silver Nemesis).

Connections with Blake's 7[]


  • Terry Nation wrote or co-wrote ten stories between 1963 and 1979
  • Chris Boucher wrote three stories in 1977
  • Robert Holmes wrote or co-wrote sixteen stories between 1969 and 1986 and was the script editor from 1974 to 1977




  • David Maloney worked on the show as a director, handling eight stories between 1968 and 1977

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