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Domo was a desert planet on the edge of sixth quadrant (possibly another name for Sector 6). It had been outside Federation control for at least ten years and appeared to be considered a 'no-go' area for Federation vessels. It did not appear to have any native life.


Domo was used as a base by space pirates who sold their prisoners as slaves. There was an auction every three months; slaves who were put up for auction twice without being sold were killed. In the meantime the slaves were kept alive on a diet of mangon. Bidders in the auctions usually did so by proxy; Tok was one such agent.

One of the slave auctions was run by Verlis, an old acquaintance of Servalan. Servalan chose Domo as her meeting place with the assassin Cancer, purchasing an actor for Cancer as part of the killer's plan. The old man Nebrox was also on Domo at this time, and soon to come up for auction for the second time.

Avon landed on Domo and let himself be taken captive by Benos in an attempt to get information about Cancer. He was put in a cell with Nebrox, whom he promised to free if Nebrox could retrieve his teleport bracelet. At the auction itself Servalan attempted to buy Avon for 2000 vems but proceedings were disrupted when Nebrox stole Avon's bracelet from Benos, allowing him and Nebrox to escape. (D: Assassin)