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Dorian's creature was what remained of his former partner after receiving 200 years worth of Dorian's accumulated decay and damage. Dorian kept it in a cavern beneath Xenon Base.

When Dorian discovered the cavern had the property of allowing him to regenerate himself by transferring the negative effects of 'time and appetite' to another, he imprisoned his former partner there. Dorian was occasionally compelled to return to the cavern to carry out the transfer.

Not a Sea Devil Rescue

The creature.

After two centuries Dorian found the process was beginning to fail and planned to replace the creature with a gestalt entity composed of Avon, his followers, and Dorian's lover Soolin. However Avon was able to shoot the creature. The accumulated ravages returned to Dorian who rapidly decayed and died as a result.

By this time the creature was barely humanoid and did not appear to be sentient. It bore a striking resemblance to a Phibian.

Behind the Scenes[]

The resemblance to a Phibian was mainly a result of the creature and the Phibians being the same monster suit, slightly modified. The costume started off as a Sea Devil from Doctor Who.