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Earth was the centre of the Terran Federation's power, the base of the Administration, and appeared to be the home planet of Roj Blake and most of his followers.

Civilisation on Earth[]

Earth residents generally lived in massive domed cities which they were forbidden to leave. This was partly because the water supply of the cities was dosed with pacification drugs to keep the population tractable. The population was graded in terms of its intelligence, from Alpha to Delta. (A: The Way Back)

The Federation High Council was apparently based on Earth, as on one occasion two councillors returned there after a meeting with Servalan. Twenty years before the Intergalactic War, Hal Mellanby had led a revolt against the authorities there which had taken three weeks to suppress. (C: Aftermath)

Outside the cities there were rivers, forests and wastelands, and occasionally the ruins of ancient buildings like churches (apparently destroyed around the time the New Calendar was adopted). The private home of Servalan while President, Residence One, was also outside. (C: Rumours of Death)

Earth and Other Planets[]

According to Blake Earth was 'the heart of the Federation', and it was considered the ultimate origin of all human civilisation. Other planets were sometimes assessed in terms of how Earth-like they were, while Earth hours and years were routinely employed as units of measurement.

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