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Egrorian was a scientist who once served in the Federation's science institute. He developed theories on parallel matter which others struggled to understand but was refused funding for his tachyon funnel, the ultimate weapon. Servalan helped him disappear along with millions of credits. He took up refuge in a biodome on the inhospitable planet Malodar. He brought with him Pinder, a childhood prodigy. However, during development of the tachyon funnel, Pinder was exposed to Hoffel's radiation, which caused him to age fifty years to an old man.

Ten years later, Egrorian contacted Scorpio and asked them to come to Malodar. Once there, he threatened to destroy the ship unless they carried out his instructions precisely: Rather than using the teleport, Avon was to travel down alone and unarmed in Egrorian's own shuttle. When Egrorian admitted to having Pinder with him, Avon insisted he be allowed to bring Vila as well.

Once they arrived, Egrorian demonstrated the tachyon funnel to them by using it to destroy a moon. He offered it to Avon to topple the Federation, claiming he had no interest in power himself and simply wanted to return to Earth to continue his research. He did however ask for Orac in exchange. In fact, Egrorian was working with Servalan, who was present in secret at the biodome, intending to acquire both Orac and the tachyon funnel. Servalan hoped to use the weapon to return to power and promised to make Egrorian her science minister. Egrorian broke Pinder's arm as punishment for trying to cheat him at a game.

Avon and Vila returned with Orac and also a print-out of Egrorian's Federation record, which revealed he had been conspiring to take over the Federation. Egrorian dismissed it as lies and worried that Servalan had read it. He tested Orac by having it give details of his thesis at Behangria University, which included the embarrassing details that it was graded Beta plus and rescinded for gross misconduct. Egrorian allowed the pair to leave in the shuttle with the tachyon funnel.

Egrorian and Servalan quickly discovered that the Orac they had been given was a dummy fitted with a short range relay. Egrorian was unconcerned since it meant Orac was on board the shuttle. He had planted a speck of the ultra-dense parallel matter on board, which would make it too heavy to achieve orbit and eventually crash in a swampy area when the fuel ran out: Both Orac and the tachyon funnel were robust enough to survive but Avon and Vila would be killed.

Servalan reminded Egrorian her ship only carried two and he happily agreed to leave Pinder behind. However, when Avon successfully jettisoned the parallel matter and escaped, Servalan left Egrorian behind on Malodar, telling him to ponder what might have been. Pinder, bitter at Egrorian's plan to abandon him, then flooded the biodome with Hoffel's radiation, causing them both to age to death. (D: Orbit)