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Ensor the Younger was a great computer scientist of Blake's era.


Ensor was dispatched from Aristo by his father to bring the surgeon, Maryatt, to his hiding place.

However, Ensor was betrayed by Servalan who planted a bomb on Ensor's ship, believing that if he and Maryatt never returned to Aristo, Ensor the Elder would soon die and she could simply collect Orac for free. Maryatt died and Ensor the Younger was badly wounded and taken aboard the Liberator, which he attempted to hijack and take to Aristo. He died of his wounds shortly afterwards. (A: Deliverance)


Ensor the Younger, for his part, was devoted to his father - his last words were a plea for Blake to complete his mission. He was extremely secretive when it came to revealing the location of their hideout. He was, in his own words, a nervous pilot. (A: Deliverance)


  • Ensor's first name was never revealed on-screen.