Blakes 7 Wiki

A cloud of fluid particles was encountered by the Liberator en route to Sector 6. The cloud appeared reddish-orange and was charged with energy. Its source and exact nature was unknown; it was speculated that the particles were a living organism of some kind.

Passage through the cloud was turbulent and in the process the ship became coated with small amounts of the particles, which immediately knocked out the hull sensors. The particles appeared to digest the Liberator and reproduced with great swiftness. Damage was initially widespread but superficial, though it rapidly became too great for the automatic repair systems to counteract. Within the ship the particles manifested as something resembling mould, accompanied by a thick green-brown slime.

Within a matter of hours the Liberator was suffering massive power and systems failures and severe structural damage. Zen concentrated the ship's resources on keeping the teleport system operational in order to allow the crew to escape.

Servalan took control of the ship at this time, and, not realising its compromised state, ordered a course for Earth at maximum power. The Liberator disintegrated within seconds. (C: Terminal)