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Franton was the clinician on Auron. Her father had developed the planet's cloning process; having been born naturally before he perfected the process, Franton succeeded him as head of the replication plant on his death, working with Zelda. She was off shift when the planet was infected with the pathogen and thus contracted the virus and had to stay away from the replication plant. She encouraged Zelda to contact the Liberator for help.

Franton was at odds with C.A. One, blaming his isolation policy (which her father had argued against) for the lack of natural residence and also disagreeing with him accepting help from the Federation. Despite this, she boarded the Federation ship and was given the cure, although her delight was reduced when Servalan refused to share the technology with the Aurons, only allowing to come aboard for treatment six at a time. Franton joined Zelda at the replication plant to prepare gene stock for evacuation if the virus wasn't contacted. Servalan and Deral followed them and Franton reluctantly implanted Servalan's genetic material in a batch of foetuses.

After Zelda telepathically learned that the Federation had taken over the command centre, Franton used her new immunity to the disease to go there and help Avon, Cally and Tarrant escape. She led them back to the replication plant, knowing Servalan wouldn't fire on it and risk harming her babies, and finished the preparations of the gene stock. Dayna arrived with spare teleport bracelets and Franton teleported up to the Liberator with the crew, although Zelda stayed behind and was killed when the replication plant was destroyed. As Deral was sent back to Servalan, Franton told him to tell her that the children of Auron would return.

Afterwards, Avon set the Liberator on a course to Kahn, intending to drop Franton and Patar off there to establish a colony with the gene stock, which would allow them to produce 5,000 new Aurons. (C: Children of Auron)