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Gauda Prime was a planet which at the time of the Scorpio crew's visit had recently applied for membership in the Federation.

Climate and Ecology[]

Gauda Prime appeared to be a very Earth-like world with a breathable atmosphere and vegetation almost identical to that on the home planet (the vegetation may have been transplanted). There did not appear to be native life of any size there. (D: Blake)


Due to the conditions there Gauda Prime was originally designated an agricultural world, which drew many colonists including the family of Soolin. However, rich mineral deposits were later discovered and to speed up their exploitation it was declared an Open Planet with the usual rule of law essentially suspended. As a result criminals and fugitives flocked there with terrible results for the colonists.

The authorities of Gauda Prime eventually applied to join the Federation but it was made clear that this would not be considered until the rule of law was restored. Attempts to bring this about resulted in the presence of a blockade around the planet and numerous bounty hunters on its surface.

Amongst them was Roj Blake, who was using Gauda Prime as his new base of operations. His cover as a bounty hunter allowed him to test potential new recruits to his cause. Avon eventually deduced his presence there, but in attempting to run the blockade the Scorpio was shot down and crashed in a plantation on the planet's surface.

At around the same time Blake's operation was infiltrated by the Federation agent Arlen. Federation troopers stormed Blake's base of operations shortly after his final confrontation with Avon and his followers and appeared to kill everyone inside. (D: Blake)


  • Gauda Prime is featured in Paul Darrow's Lucifer trilogy and Tony Attwood's canonical novel Afterlife, both of which depict the events shortly after Blake's demise.
  • It is the home planet of Soolin.