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The General was the commander of the Federation troops on Helotrix. He congratulated Quute on the apparent destruction of the fourth column of rebels and told him to send a group of modified Helots to confirm the kill. He extolled the virtues of hand to hand combat, recalling an incident where an expedition tried using gas unaware the targets didn't breathe the same way. He was also looking forward to being sent on to Wanta.

The General escorted President-Elect Practor to his office, where they met Leitz, who was working for Servalan in her guise as Commissioner Sleer. The General acknowledged the pacification programme had helped with the Federation's reconquest and dismissed Practor's fears of further resistance, saying it was being mopped up.

When Quute and the Tracer told him of Orac accessing their records, the General was initially dismissive, believing it was simple commercial espionage, until Quute pointed out any Federation database could be accessed, prompting him to order a search for Scorpio. He learned of Practor's murder from Leitz and also that Leitz had, under Servalan's orders, been working with the resistance in order to lure them into traps. Leitz told him he could wipe out Hunda's column by mining the old monorail that they were about to use. Although he seemed unimpressed with the tactic, the General complied.

The General had the monorail blown but quickly realised what he had assumed was a feint was actually a full-strength attack on the city. He led a squad of troops to investigate with Servalan, which soon turned into a battle. After seeing Quute killed by a Helot rebel, the General stopped by him and commented again on the Helots' efficiency in close quarters. Moments later, he was killed by Dayna in a similar manner. (D: Traitor)