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Gustave Nyrron was an Auron scientist.

Servalan was intrigued by how the Auron had praised him as a scientist. She had wondered why during a federation raid on an Auron satellite his lab wasn't destroyed. This was because of the federation trooper had been cured by treated by Nyrron. She tortured him for information about the resistance. After this he was killed as the usefulness was at an end. She then had a clone created of him and sent him to Dulcimar 4 after he disappointed her. (AUDIO: Wolf)

He communicated with "Vila Restal" whilst he was in solitary confinement on the Liberator. He asked him about what happened on Dulcimar 4. He had previously encountered and telepathically contacted Cally whilst on the planet. He was forced to work for the Terran Federation and created a parasite that had infected the Liberator crew. He helped Vila to investigate what the federation was doing with the parasite. The Vila he was talking to was a copy of Vila created from the natives of the planets for resistance. After disposing of the body, he brought the Liberator crew back to the ship. He knew that he was being used as bate for the Liberator crew. He then asked to be taken back to Auron. (AUDIO: Solitary)

He had tried to resist the federation control and started to see odd memories. Avon drugged him and took him to a planet as he worked with a high up in the religion his father was part of. Some of these memories involved the killing of his wife because of Hoges syndrome. He wanted to find a cure for the syndrome. His work allowed his son to be able to join society properly, allowing him to set up the trap for Servalan. (AUDIO: Brother)

However on his way back they encountered the flagship of the Auron fleet which was captained by his son Paval. Cally and Nyrron went to investigate. He was injured by one of Servalan's guards, but this was a ruse to help capture Servalan, and overthrow his conditioning. This involved using the Auron's training facility, and killing Servalan's guards using one of the viruses he had created for him. He got his son involved to pose as one of her crew. Servalan had him killed using a poison capsule implanted in his brain. (AUDIO: Wolf)