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Heroes was the second anthology in the Big Finish original novels series.

Publisher's summary[]

Blake's 7: Heroes features six stories by Trevor Baxendale, Paul Darrow, Jonathan L Howard, Una McCormack, LM Myles and Gary Russell.

Heroes or villains? Things are not always black and white in the dystopia ruled by the ruthless Federation. The crew of the Liberator are passionate in their opposition to the injustice and corruption of the government, but this group of convicts and outcasts aren’t exactly angels themselves... Whether it’s a large scale rescue mission, or a simple act of kindness, these stories explore an important question: what really makes a hero?


Title Author Featuring
Separate Una McCormack
Rock Star Paul Darrow
Dominator Jonathan L Howard
Metanoia LM Myles
Contagion Trevor Baxendale
Seven Magnificent Dirty Expendables on an Impossible Mission Gary Russell


Heroes audiobook cover

Audiobook cover.

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