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Zee and Barr

Hi-Tech bounty hunters Zee and Barr

The Hi-Techs were one of the two factions on the planet Chenga. Their name derived from their desire to use "high-technology" to improve their lives as much as they wanted. They were contemptuous of the simple life led by the Primitives and so hunted them down to have them contribute to their society, by taking their organs for transplant. They captured Vila in a similar manner when he was discovered on Chenga.

The Hi-Techs also scoured planets for survivors from the Intergalactic War, bringing them aboard under the guise of being hospital ships. They retrieved Cally and Servalan in this manner. Although Servalan was allowed to leave after negotiations with the Federation for payment, Vila and Cally would have been killed for their organs if the Liberator had not teleported them aboard at the last second. (C: Powerplay)