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Hower was the leader of the Pyroans on Obsidian. He had trained at the Federation Central Science Complex with Hal Mellanby but later rejected such science, believing further technological progress was impossible. His people were ultra-pacifists, with a combination of therapy and teaching removing all aggression from them from birth.

Hower detected both the approach of the Liberator to the planet and the presence of Tarrant and Dayna on the surface. After his son Bershar captured them, Hower spoke to the pair, who explained they needed a base and recruits, offering a share of any spoils. Hower bore them no malice but was uninterested in their offer, explaining the rules of their society. Both were incredulous that Obsidian had been left alone.

Hower later learned that Bershar had allied with Servalan, fearing they would all be killed otherwise. Hower recalled warnings that Bershar had not been fully conditioned; he had allowed it, thinking they needed someone who thought like their enemies, but now dismissed him as being ruled by his animal instincts, with Bershar being killed by Hower's robot aide. Hower explained to Tarrant and Dayna the reason they had been left alone: They had a nuclear device planted at the heart of the planet which they had threatened to detonate if the Federation or anyone else tried to enslave them. He also revealed they were dying from radiation poisoning.

When the Federation fleet attempted to land on Obsidian, Hower contacted the Liberator to warn them and then activated the nuclear device, destroying the planet and killing himself and everyone else on it. (C: Volcano)