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Keera was the original name of the Mutoid who served as Travis' pilot during one of his early attempts to trap Blake. Short on blood plasma, she replenished her supply on the ship's bridge. With two other pursuit ships, they managed to track the Liberator to an unnamed planet and ambush it, slowly draining its defence wall with sustained fire. The Liberator came close to ramming Travis' ship but all the craft were frozen by the inhabitants of the planet, Sinofar and Giroc.

Keera was transported down to the planet to serve as Travis' companion in his duel with Blake. She assisted him in preparing a trap for Blake, with a spiked grill suspended in the air. Keera believed all trace of her original identity had been erased from central computer but Travis told her he knew who she was, telling her her name and that she had been much admired. However, the information did not interest her.

During the night, Keera killed a number of bats and drained their blood but stated it was not enough to sustain her. She captured Jenna and left her tied up as bait for the trap but Travis stopped her from draining Jenna's blood, leaving her to trigger the trap. However, in her weakened state, she was unable to drop the grill in time, letting Blake and Jenna get clear. Keera fought with Jenna who slammed her head into a tree, apparently killing her.

However, she was revived by Sinofar and returned to their ship with Travis. Travis told her she would be court-martialled for her failure and wondered what happened to a Mutoid dismissed from service. Keera replied that they existed only to serve and Travis retorted that she would probably cease to exist. (A: Duel)