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Doctor Kendall was a scientist and the senior crew member of the Ortega. Along with the rest of the crew, he was rendered unconscious with sono vapour. He was revived by Blake, Avon and Cally to discover that the controls had been sabotaged and the pilot, Rafford, killed. He instructed his crew to submit to Blake's questioning and ordered a search for Dortmunn, the only crewmember not accounted for.

Kendall checked on the repairs with Blake and revealed communications had previously been sabotaged. When Mandrian and Sara reported that a life rocket had been launched, apparently explaining Dortmunn's disappearance, Kendall took Blake with him to check the neutrotope was still on board. He explained that he and the rest of the crew came from Destiny, where all vegetation was being destroyed by a fungal disease. His experiments had shown that the neutrotope could be used by a satellite to redirect their sun's rays and destroy the fungus. However, the neutrotope was one of the most valuable items in the galaxy.

Avon then revealed that, since the ison crystal had been destroyed, the return journey would take five months. Kendall was in favour of allowing Blake to take the neutrotope to Destiny in the Liberator while the rest of them continued repairs. He called for a vote on the matter and declared the result four to three in favour. He had Sara give Blake the neutrotope and watched him depart.

After Dortmunn was found dead, Kendall and the rest of the crew listened to Avon and Cally's theory that Rafford had been killed because the sono vapour did not render him unconscious as planned and Dortmunn as a convenient scapegoat. Kendall insisted the matter would be investigated by the authorities on Destiny.

Kendall sent Levett to bring Avon and Cally to the filtration plant after it was found sabotaged and Mandrian dead, with Sonnheim standing over him. Avon then explained that a message Rafford scrawled before he died identified Sara as the killer. Sara sealed herself on the flight deck and Cally realised that she had used a homing beacon to direct the buyers she was in league with to the Ortega. Kendall consulted with Avon and Cally on a plan to lure Sara off the flight deck: It was only then that they realised Sara had purloined the neutrotope, giving Blake an empty box.

Blake returned with spare teleport bracelets and the news the buyers' ship was en route. Kendall prepared his crew for teleport, intending to take Sara with them, but she removed her bracelet at the last moment. Kendall and his crew watched from the Liberator flight deck as the Ortega and the other ship exploded, the result of a charge rigged by Blake, after which Blake set course to take them back to Destiny. (A: Mission to Destiny)

He was later killed after being suspicious about the federation help supplied to them to help support their growth. (AUDIO: Escape from Destiny)