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Kerril was a member of Bayban's crew who accompanied him to Keezarn. She was the one who greeted Vila on his arrival at the planet's city and showed contempt towards him. Nevertheless, she seemed to be against the more ruthless aspects of Bayban's control of the planet, clashing with Sherm when he wanted to have Norl and his people killed and shooting a gun out of his hand during a confrontation. Bayban noted she was the best gun hand he'd ever had but lacked team spirit.

Pirate Kerril

Kerril in mercenary uniform. (C: City at the Edge of the World)

Kerril checked on Vila during his attempt to open the planet's vault. While she was disbelieving of his claim the vault was sealed with a force field, she was put out that he seemed able to smell her as soon as she entered the room, getting cleaned up and changing into native dress before checking on him again. When Vila succeeded in opening the forcefield, Kerril insisted on exploring the corridor revealed, resulting in both of them being transported to a Keezarn ship en route to a new world. Faced with dying when the air supply ran out, Vila and Kerril made love.

However, they woke to find the air still fresh and Vila realised the ship had already landed, deactivating the forcefield hiding the door. Kerril was enchanted by the world's beauty but put out by Vila scavenging the crystals he needed for the Liberator's weapon systems. They returned to Keezarn together where Kerril encountered Avon, Cally, Tarrant and Dayna. After Norl's people had departed for the new world, Kerril asked Norl if she could go with them, to which he agreed, then tried to convince Vila to come too. Vila felt he wouldn't be the same person if he couldn't be a thief and Kerril admitted she loved him. They were then interrupted by Bayban, who Vila held at bay while Kerril and Norl re-entered the vault and used the teleport to depart. (C: City at the Edge of the World)