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The Kommissar was a senior official in the Federation colonial services, whose responsibilities included Horizon. He had been Ro's tutor at the Central Education Complex and had killed his father Movo because he refused to follow Federation orders. He returned to Horizon aboard a Federation freighter and chided Ro and the Assistant Kommissar for not meeting their quota of maeopaesium 239.

On seeing the captive Blake and Jenna, he instantly recognised them but made no mention of the fact. He questioned them with a disorienter then ordered them sent to work in the mines, denying Blake's claim that Ro's friend Porah had died en route to Cygnus Alpha. When Vila and Gan were also captured, he had Vila sent to the mines as well and the still unconscious Gan hung up nearby as an example.

When Cally was captured, the Kommissar dismissed Ro's belief she was a mystic despite her revealing the details of Mova's death, correctly guessing she had seen the reports, and had her sent to join the others. He then told the Assistant Kommissar who Blake and the others were and revealed he intended to capture the Liberator himself in order to claim the reward. He then called in a Federation patrol for assistance.

Blake asked to see the Kommissar and offered to surrender to him if he let his ship and crew go;otherwise, he would have the Liberator destroy the Kommissar's ship if he tried to leave. With the Kommissar's approval, Ro sent his back to the mines. The Kommissar disagreed with Ro's decision to release Selma from the mines and when he caught her trying to leave the palace he had her tortured for any information she might have gained while imprisoned with Blake and the others. He then admitted to Ro he had been considering having him killed if he went against the Federation.

At this, Ro returned to the throne room in his people's traditional dress, just as Blake teleported in and killed the Assistant Kommissar. Ro then killed the Kommissar with a blowpipe and a dart laced with death syrum. (B: Horizon)