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Lector was a Federation unit commander serving in the Fifth Legion. He became the second-in-command of Section Leader Grose after the legion's senior officers met with "accidents" and they imprisoned Colonel Astrid in a sensory deprivation tank. Together, they took control of Sardos and made plans to use Moloch and the energy conversion system to build a fleet and take over the Federation.

Lector joined Grose in interrogating Poola after she erased the record of the Liberator passing through the barrier around the planet and carried out Moloch's instruction to hand her over to their men, striking her and also shoving Chesil to the ground when she objected. He and Grose welcomed Servalan to the planet.

Lector caught Chesil attempting to erase the record of Tarrant being on the planet and sent guards to capture him. He and Grose demonstrated the energy converters to Servalan. After revealing their true plan, Lector killed Servalan's Mutoid aide and sent Servalan to the men. He also witnessed the presence of Avon and Dayna on the monitor.

After the pair were captured, Lector tortured Avon in an attempt to get information from him. The interrogation was interrupted by Tarrant, Vila, Doran and Chesil. Lector attempted to fight back against the group and was killed by Tarrant. (C: Moloch)