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Section Leader Lora Mezin was a Federation agent tasked with overseeing the recovery of the spacecraft that would later be identified as Liberator.

Over time, she became disillusioned with the Federation after witnessing the suffering and death it had caused, and allied herself with the fugitives led by Roj Blake. She was killed by the Liberator's computer when she resisted its attempts to subjugate them and force them into 'induction' (a process that would alter their minds to reflect that of the original crew), moments before Kerr Avon's reprogramming came into effect. (AUDIO: Traitor, Liberator)

Behind the scenes[]

Uniquely among the main characters, Lora Mezin is an original character to B7 Media's audio reboot of Blake's 7, and as such has no counterpart in the television series continuity, making her the only main character in that series not to have been an original creation of Terry Nation.