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Lucifer: Genesis was the seventh novel in the Big Finish original novels series.

Publisher's summary[]

Powerful, intelligent, ruthless...

Servalan as a child, learning early about power and how to get it...

Avon as a young man, finding ways to beat the system...

Two sides of a coin, two lives on a collision course...

The events on the Liberator are only a part of their story. Now it’s time to find out how it started – and how it ends.

Lucifer: Genesis is a compelling and vivid reimagining of Avon’s life, starting long before the events of the TV series, following his journey from the Liberator to the Scorpio, and leading us into the bleak future of the post-Federation world.

Genesis is the third book in Paul Darrow’s Lucifer trilogy.


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Story notes[]

Lucifer Genesis audiobook

Audiobook cover.

  • This book was released as an audiobook on March 2021 by Big Finish Productions, read by Stephen Greif.


Several chapters take place during the events of the TV series, these are:

  • Part 2: Takes place shortly after Cygnus Alpha.
  • Part 4: Takes place during Time Squad.
  • Part 6: Takes place during Duel.
  • Part 7: Takes place shortly after Orac.
  • Part 8: Takes place shortly after Redemption.
  • Part 9: Takes place shortly after Pressure Point.
  • Part 10: Takes place shortly after Trial.
  • Part 11: Takes place shortly after Star One.
  • Part 12: Takes place during Aftermath.
  • Part 13: Takes place shortly after Powerplay.
  • Part 14: Takes place during Terminal.
  • Part 15: Takes place during Blake.

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