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Muller's android

Muller's android confronts the Scorpio crew in Xenon Base (D: Headhunter)

Muller's android was possibly the most advanced ever created, possessing many of the abilities of Orac. (D: Headhunter)


The android had a standard robotic body, with its 'brain' and other vital systems located in the torso. Its sensory apparatus was also located in the torso as it was quite capable of functioning without its head. The head as designed by Muller was mainly comprised of inhibitor circuits, an electronic 'conscience' to keep the android under control.

The android possessed the power of Orac, to the level where it could take control of the other machine. It was also fitted with a circuit influencer which gave it control over all electronic devices in its vicinity, even guns. The android also appeared able to project a force field to protect itself. (D: Headhunter)


Muller built the android while working for the Robot Development Cartel. However, before he could attach the inhibitor head the android killed him. Seeking Orac, it teleported aboard Scorpio with Tarrant, impersonating its creator by the simple expedient of decapitating him and attaching his severed head to its own torso. The android was able to give the head the appearance of life through unknown means.

However, by an extraordinary stroke of good fortune Tarrant had brought the inhibitor head with them. The android used its power on Slave to disrupt their attempts to examine it.

Orac recognised the threat the android posed and attempted to quarantine it by shutting down the teleports on Scorpio and in Xenon Base. The android countered by closing down life support on the ship, and when the teleport link was reopened to save Tarrant and Vila, the android was able to teleport down to the base as well.

It killed Vena, Muller's wife, and demanded to be given Orac, pronouncing itself the new god of all organic life. Orac itself fell under the android's influence.

Avon realised the purpose of the inhibitor head and set a trap for the android on an electrified metal walkway. With the android momentarily stunned by a powerful electric charge, he was able to put the head in place and render the android safe. However Tarrant, agreeing with Orac that the android was too dangerous to be left intact, fitted it with explosives and blew it apart, much to Avon's chagrin. The remains of the android fell into a river on Xenon and were washed away. (D: Headhunter)