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A Mutoid aided Travis on the ice planet where Avalon had taken refuge. She accompanied him to his meeting with Terloc, who told them where Avalon was hiding. She killed the subterron rebel on guard and summoned more Mutoids, leading them in surrounding the rebels. She offered to destroy the homing beacon that had been set up for Blake, but Travis ordered her to leave it. After Travis had taken Avalon away, the Mutoid supervised the massacre of the remaining rebels, killing Terloc herself.

The Mutoid informed Travis of the arrival of Servalan's ship and provided him with a prisoner on which to test the modified phobon plague, overseeing the test herself. She later reported that the Liberator had been detected and Federation ships were pursuing. She alerted Travis to the fact that Blake was in the main laboratory and requesting both Travis and Avalon. She brought Avalon to the laboratory and was present when Servalan ordered Avalon released to prevent Blake releasing the phobon plague. (A: Project Avalon)

Behind the scenes[]

The Mutoid is portrayed by actress Glynis Barber, who would later go on to join the regular cast in Series D as Soolin.