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Olag Gan was one of Blake's original followers on the Liberator. He had no special skills beyond his tremendous physical strength and endurance. He was convicted of the murder of a security guard, but was not a professional criminal.


Early Life[]

Prisoners London

Gan among the prisoners on the London (A: Space Fall)

Very little is known about Gan's early life. He was deported from Earth, although he may have been transported there for brain surgery around the time of his trial.

Gan was convicted of the murder of the security guard who killed his woman - according to Gan, he was unarmed and the guard had had a gun. He was sentenced to exile on Cygnus Alpha.

Possibly due to the risk Gan's great strength posed even when he was unarmed, at some point Gan was fitted with a limiter, a brain implant which blocked any attempt to intentionally kill. The limiter occasionally gave him headaches.

Escape from Cygnus Alpha[]

Gan was a key part of Roj Blake's abortive attempt to take the London, but along with most of the prisoners was not punished for it. He was released onto the surface of Cygnus Alpha along with the others and seems to have been the closest thing the group had to a leader. He believed Vargas' talk of the Curse of Cygnus, but had enough faith in Blake to join with him in an attempt to get access to the drug which would control the sickness. The attempt ended in Gan's freedom and his joining the Liberator crew. (A: Cygnus Alpha)

Liberator crew member[]

Despite the occasional problems caused by his inability to kill, Gan was a loyal and useful member of Blake's team, his muscle proving vital on at least one occasion. In return, Blake did not hesitate when Gan's limiter began to malfunction, taking the ship through great peril to XK-72 where it could be repaired. (A: Breakdown)


Gan was a part of Blake's attack on Federation computer control, which was believed to be on Earth. But the installation there was only a decoy, the vault itself too far underground for them to teleport out of. With the complex itself collapsing following Travis' extravagant use of strontium grenades, Gan was able to brace one doorway long enough for his friends to escape through it. However, his leg was trapped when he attempted to follow and he was killed as the section collapsed on him. His last words were 'I'm not worth dying for.' (B: Pressure Point)


Gan was straightforward and open compared to many of his comrades. Though Avon described him to his face as "slow" and it took him a long time to master the systems of the Liberator, Gan was not stupid, and was wise enough to realise his limiter meant he needed friends around him to survive. Gan was moral enough to feel uncomfortable about Blake's plan to seize control of the Federation narcotics trade, believing it would make them drug pushers.