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Paul Valentine Birkby, more commonly known by his stage name Paul Darrow (2 May 1941-3 June 2019[1]), portrayed Kerr Avon in 51 of the 52 episodes of Blake's 7 on screen beginning with Space Fall, the second episode of Series A in 1978, and ending with Blake, the final episode of Series D in 1981. He reprised the role of Avon in the BBC Radio 2 dramas The SevenFold Crown and The Syndeton Experiment in the late 1990s before doing so again for Big Finish Productions' series of Blake's 7 audiobooks and full-cast dramas.

Darrow has also written a significant amount of material for the Blake's 7 expanded media: the Lucifer book trilogy, which acts as a sequel to the series; Rock Star, a Series C entry into the short story anthology Heroes; the audio drama Erebus and a prequel to the show titled Avon: A Terrible Aspect. He narrated Lucifer and its sequel Revelation for audiobook release before his death in 2019; the concluding instalment Genesis was narrated by Stephen Greif.


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Citadel Press[]
  • Avon: A Terrible Aspect (Prequel Novel)
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