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Pella was the last leader of the Seska. By the time the Liberator survivors arrived on Xenon, the Seska's numbers had been reduced to just herself, Kate and Luxia. They had survived with a hydroponic plant, using nutrients that Dorian provided them with in return for their aid in constructing a teleport. The three of them observed Avon being captured by the Hommiks and realised he must have come in on Scorpio.

Pella entered Xenon Base alone where she found Vila trying to break into the silo containing Scorpio. She told him that Dorian had to reset it every 48 hours or a nuclear compression charge would destroy the base. Vila told her that Dorian was dead and Avon was the only one who could break the computer lock on the door. Pella left, using her telekinetic powers to throw Vila away when he tried to stop her. She rejoined Kate and Luxia, telling them they needed to find Avon. However, they were then ambushed by the Hommiks and Pella and Luxia were captured.

Pella was imprisoned with Avon and secretly used her powers to unlock the door and knock out the guard. She found Nina had already operated on Luxia to remove her dynamon crystal, robbing her of her powers. Avon insisted on taking possession of it. Pella used her powers on him but he resisted until she exhausted herself, kissing and then leaving her. She followed and found him talking to Cato, who she killed by telekinetically firing Avon's crossbow. She then knocked Avon out with a levitated keyboard and took the crystal.

Pella rejoined Kate, who was watching the duel between Gunn Sar and Dayna. They telekinetically aided Dayna, helping her kill Gunn Sar. They then followed Vila, Dayna and Tarrant back to the base, where Vila had dismantled the silo door enough for them to use their powers to deactivate the charge. However, Avon refused to open the silo, having realised Pella had been constructing a tele-ergetron to enhance her powers and allow her to open the door and steal Scorpio. Pella forced his hand by holding Dayna at gunpoint and entered the silo, killing Kate when she tried to stop her.

As Pella took off in Scorpio, Avon teleported aboard, having used Kate's crystal to complete the teleport. Pella shot at him but Avon dodged and returned fire, killing her. (D: Power)