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For the Big Finish audio adventure, see President (audio).

The President was the supreme leader of the Terran Federation. The President ruled with the assistance of a High Council and a military force under the command of a Supreme Commander.


Just before the Andromedan Invasion, as Star One began to fail, Supreme Commander Servalan staged a military coup and installed herself as President of the Federation in place of her unnamed predecessor. Servalan was subsequently referred to as 'Empress', suggesting an abandonment of the position of president, but later still she was deposed from leadership of the Federation.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In Paul Darrow's Lucifer: Genesis, the President was identified as Lothar von Riga, a fifty-year-old German aristocrat. He was a figurehead, with real power resting with a 'Council of Three'. Servalan shot von Riga and framed his servant for the murder. She forged von Riga's will to name her as his successor, though she anticipated a short delay in achieving her goal.
  • In Big Finish Productions' The Classic Audio Adventures, the deposed President (voiced by Hugh Fraser) returns from exile to prosecute a successful Federation civil war against Servalan. The apparent inconsistency with Lucifer: Genesis (published by Big Finish in the same year) is not addressed, although it is established that the President has made use of clones of himself. Alternatively, this President may have been von Riga's interim successor.