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Remnants was the a special release story in the The Liberator Chronicles audio series, produced by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

They’re dead. Blake, Cally, Gan, Vila... All gone.

After a disastrous mission to the planet Laresh, most of the crew has been wiped out. Avon and Jenna are the sole survivors, reunited aboard the Liberator.

But what happens next? With their plans in tatters, do Blake's Two stay together... or go their separate ways and seek refuge in a galaxy pitted against them?


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  • Writer - Simon Guerrier
  • Director - Ken Bentley
  • Sound design - Martin Montague
  • Music - Jamie Anderson
  • Recorded at - Audio Sorcery

Story notes[]

  • This story was released exclusively on Big Finish's website.


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