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Ro was the ruler of Horizon. Although his position was hereditary, he had been trained by the Federation at the Central Educational Complex. He denied his world was a Federation colony but nevertheless tended to defer to the Kommissar, his old tutor.

When Blake and Jenna arrived on the planet, Ro ordered them taken prisoner. Blake held him in contempt for allowing his people to be worked to death in the mines to provide monopasium 239 for the Federation and said he had met one of Ro's people, Porah, among the convicts en route to Cygnus Alpha, who had referred to the planet by its old name, Silmareno. Ro was discomforted when Blake told him Porah was dead, having been told he was being retrained. He also insisted his father Movo had died in an accident. The Kommissar pressured him to order the pair tortured and sent to the mines. Ro was conflicted over the fate of his former fiance, Selma, who had been sent to the mines for questioning the Federation.

With Vila, Gan and Cally also captured by the Federation, Ro sent them to the mines too but was convinced by Cally's telepathy and knowledge that she was a mystic, as she told him the Kommissar killed his father. He had Selma released and met with Blake, who offered to leave with the Kommissar if his crew were freed; otherwise, he would have the Liberator destroy the Kommissar's ship if it left the planet. Ro sent him back to the mines but was impressed with his bravery.

After the Liberator crew escaped, Ro found his communications disabled. Selma tried to convince him the Federation were going to kill him. He told her to flee the palace, but when she was recaptured he was pressured into giving the order to torture her. However, when the Kommissar indicated he'd have killed Ro if he hadn't, it broke the last of his trust. Ro shed his Federation uniform and confronted the Kommissar in his people's traditional garb. The Assistant Kommissar tried to shoot him but was killed by Blake, shortly before Ro killed the Kommissar with a blowpipe dart laced with death serum.

Reunited with Selma as ruler, Ro told Blake the rest of the Federation guards were being dealt with and they would fight if more came. He said Blake would always be welcome on the planet which he continued to refer to as Horizon, saying they couldn't go back to the past. (B: Horizon)