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Rock Star is a short story published in Heroes, written by Paul Darrow.


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The Dangerous, a rebel rock band, are playing a concert on the planet Rock. Pandora, their lead singer, is apparently kidnapped by Federation guards when the crowd begins to revolt. Raga, one of her bandmates, sends out a distress signal before being killed.

Pandora is in cahoots with Zachary Lazarus, the elderly and wheelchair-bound head of the Federation's Secret Police - a man who is dying of a terminal illness. He has a score to settle with Avon and has engineered an elaborate plan to meet with him for the last time: Pandora will pretend to be a prisoner of the Federation and appeal to Tarrant. She will then kill the rest of Avon's associates once they've "rescued" her.

Liberator intercepts Raga's distress signal and heads to Rock, with Vila and Tarrant teleporting down to rescue Pandora. They dispatch several guards and a robot who suspiciously do not put up a fight. They free Pandora from captivity and return to Liberator. Despite assurances from Cally, Vila and Tarrant, Avon is suspicious about how easy their rescue mission was and decides to interrogate their new passenger.

Pandora is brought to the flight deck, where Avon viciously and physically attacks her to uncover the truth as the others watch. Avon is convinced she has a small explosive device on her person that will kill all of them. The "device" (a fake tooth) is a dud, spurring Avon to question Pandora about who her "controller" was. Upon discovering Lazarus' identity, Avon concocts a plan and revokes the crew's access to Zen and Orac.

Liberator drops Pandora off at Spurinna. Avon ventures back to Rock in a Liberator pod to confront the old man one last time. Lazarus welcomes Avon and challenges him to a game of Russian Roulette. Avon kills Lazarus.


Story notes[]

  • This story was narrated by Michael Keating for the Heroes audiobook release.
  • Lazarus is a relative of Avon, though it is unclear as to which.


  • The story is set in Series C, though quite where is not specified.
  • Cally recalls Avon's suggestion to throw her off the Liberator. (A: The Web)
  • Tarrant recalls Avon's threat to kill him. (C: Terminal)
    • This is a continuity error, as in the context of the story, the events of Terminal would not have happened yet.
  • Lazarus is believed to be the number one computer expert who caught Avon (A: Space Fall).
    • Since the publication of Rock Star, the identity of the number one computer expert has been retconned to Eve Adams. (Erebus)