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Secretary Rontane and Senator Bercol were the two representatives of the President of the Federation who visited Supreme Commander Servalan to enquire about how Roj Blake was still at large. Servalan informed them that she had tasked Travis with killing Blake. (A: Seek-Locate-Destroy)

He was later assigned to investigate why Blake hadn't been captured already on the President of the Federation's orders. (PROSE: The Forgotten)

Rontane and Bercol were both present at Travis’ trial, and were there when Blake destroyed the courtroom. Only Bercol died in the attack. (B: Trial) This was because he left the trial as he had left the room as he didn't want to see the execution.

Rontane visited Servalan after Travis' trial and wanted to know the full evidence rather than the redacted version at the trial. They discussed a visit Servalan made to the President and their trips around the federation. He helped relay this trip around the councillors to gain support for Servalan's plan. After the attempt on the president's life he had powers removed from him and given to Servalan. He was slightly shocked upon learning that the President and Servalan had slept together, and deduced that she was now on a leash. He told the president that he thought that Servalan was going to betray him. He was named as a potential successor by one of Servalan's allies to blame the coup she made on him. He was executed. (AUDIO: President)