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Sarran was described by Servalan as "a remote Outer Planet". It had a breathable atmosphere, but the only native life appeared to be sparse grasses. It was possibly close to Chenga. (C: Aftermath)


The native Sarrans seem most likely to have been a lost Earth colony given that their native language was the same as Servalan's and they kept Terran livestock. The Sarrans were technologically pre-industrial, possibly nomadic and, uniquely among native populations seen in the series, rode horses. Their leader Chel spoke with Servalan, and appeared to have a reasonable command of Terran.

Also on the planet at the time of the Intergalactic War were Hal Mellanby and his daughter Dayna, who had arrived twenty years earlier fleeing from the Federation. Their base was mostly under the sea, but with several entry hatches on the beach. Mellanby held a very low opinion of the Sarrans, discussing them as though they were little more than semi-intelligent creatures, but had adopted the Sarran girl Lauren and raised her as his own daughter.

Sarran was the landing point for several survivors of the Intergalactic War, including Avon and Servalan herself. Although it was not near the main war zone, fighting was visible from the planet's surface (presumably the ambush and destruction of Servalan's flagship and its escort group). The Sarrans regarded what they could see of the conflict as a prophecy fulfilled, and under Chel's orders set out to kill everyone they found. Two members of a Federation crew were seen to be slain as a result.

When Avon and Dayna teleported back to the Liberator Servalan was left behind. Shortly afterwards she was brought aboard a Chengan hospital ship. (C: Aftermath)