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Saurian Major was described by Blake as being in star sector "four six point two one".

The atmosphere was tinted red, at least in the area Blake visited, and some of the native flora was carnivorous, some species even having an intelligence rating. It had a day length of 36 hours. (A: Time Squad)


It was an early self-governing colony, and at some point annexed by the Federation. The settlers redeclared their independence, and were promptly crushed, with half the population being killed and the rest transported to frontier planets.

The Federation built what Blake described as "a vast transceiver complex", through which all Federation signals were routed before being boosted and redirected to their destinations, "a vital nerve centre in the Federation space control system". Some resistance fighters remained, but were eventually wiped out (except for Cally) by "poison from the sky". The transceiver complex was eventually destroyed by Blake. (A: Time Squad)

Freedom fighters[]

Cally referred to the resistance fighters hiding in "the hills and jungles", giving some idea of the terrain. (A: Time Squad)