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Scavengers throwing rocks (A: Deliverance)

The Scavengers were a group of humanoids on Cephlon who had reverted to a primitive state after the nuclear war that devastated the planet. They were twice the number of Meegat's people, who numbered less than a hundred, but were dying out because of the radiation.

The Scavengers attacked and knocked out Jenna during the Liberator crew's rescue mission on the planet, dragging her back to their camp. They later attacked Avon, Vila and Gan, throwing rocks at them. Avon killed one of them before the trio were given refuge by Meegat in the underground shelter. The three of them headed to the Scavengers' camp where Avon overpowered Jenna's guard and freed her. The Scavengers pursued the four Liberator crew but Gan fought them off until the crew could take refuge in the shelter again. (A: Deliverance)