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The first series in The Classic Audio Adventures range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2014.


The storyline, set between the Series B episodes Voice from the Past and Gambit, focuses on the Liberator crew's search for the Federation's experimental equivalent to Orac known as "Federac". This results in the capture of Vila , leading to a daring rescue that brings Blake face to face with the Federation President.

The stories were released between 9 January and 10 June 2014.


# Title Author Featuring Published
1.1 Fractures Justin Richards Travis 9 January 2014
1.2 Battleground Andrew Smith 10 February 2014
1.3 Drones Marc Platt 12 March 2014
1.4 Mirror Peter Anghelides Travis, The President 9 April 2014
1.5 Cold Fury Mark Wright, Cavan Scott 9 May 2014
1.6 Caged 10 June 2014


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